The Birds Return

by Nancy Wurtzel on April 12, 2012

They are back.  Returning one-by-one, in small groups and in huge formations that cover the sky.  They fly, squawk, chirp, sing, soar, float on lakes, make family nests, occasionally fight and poop everywhere.

They are the Minnesota birds.  And, the ducks.  And, the geese.  And, the loons.  They are everywhere.

Yesterday, I came upon two adult robins with huge orange breasts.  They looked as though they could be birds created by Disney himself, so perfect, plump, colorful and captivating. Hoping along the ground, the robins simultaneously hunted for food and staked out their territory.  Quietly watching them, I was enthralled to be so close to these lovely, wild creatures.  Then someone nearby slammed a car door and they took flight with power and purpose.

Although not all of our days in Central Minnesota are warm or sunny — in fact, most are not — I know that spring is here.  The return of the birds is a sure sign that the seasons have changed and nature is coming out of its winter hibernation.

Soon it will be warm enough to sleep with a window open.  The birds will wake me up in the morning with their songs.

Damn them.  I have to remember to buy ear plugs.


*Image courtesy of Tim Zurowski

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