What the Birds Don’t Know

by Nancy Wurtzel on May 2, 2012

News from Little House on the Prairie: Nature is noisy.

Yesterday was my day to sleep in.  But just as the sun was coming up over the Minnesota horizon, I  was awakened by a cacophony of noise.

I’d left the window open the night before, since it was extremely hot and muggy after a big storm.  Big mistake. The birds were awake and they were showing off.

Chirping, cawing, calling, my feathered friends were singing their little beaks off and intent on outdoing each other.  Their melodious performance would certainly have been appreciated under different circumstances, but not when all I wanted was to wallow in slumber-land.

Closing the window and smashing a pillow over my ears, I was relieved that the vocal gymnastics were muffled.  However, the quiet lasted only a few minutes.  Then, a trio of Meadowlarks launched into what I swear sounded like a staggered rendition of “Good Day Sunshine.”  I thought I could even detect some crows providing a solid base undertone and what was certainly dozens of small birds singing vocal back-up.

It was a wall of sound.

By this time, I was wide awake.  The birds had triumphed and the score was: Nature 1. Nancy 0.

Oh, not so fast, birds most foul.

The native winged creatures don’t know I’m packing sound.

That’s right.  I brought my California sound machine with me when I moved back to Minnesota last fall. Said machine has a soothing “singing bird” setting and is guaranteed to lull me to sleep and drown out the other noises.  Plus, the sound machine has new AAA batteries and can outlast even the brassiest winged warblers.

Bring it on birdies.  It’s going to be a long summer.

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