Fall in Minnesota

by Nancy Wurtzel on November 1, 2012

Fall in Minnesota. Don’t blink or you could miss it.  A few weeks ago I was running the air conditioning but overnight it turned chilly.

Then the leaves began to fall and fall and fall.  Floating down in a rainbow of colors, they were everywhere. Raking suddenly became a part-time job.  I can’t keep ahead of the leaves that just kept falling.

A cold snap moved in bringing frost in the early morning hours.  It’s lovely.  The landscape looks like it’s wearing an overcoat.  Now in shock, the sparse, washed-out leaves seem stuck to the trees and look like they will never move again, let alone fall to the ground.

Everything is gray and sodden.

Last week, When I got back from Mexico, I stumbled out of bed the next morning to discover it was snowing. With gusto!  The snow didn’t stick, but still it was sobering.

I was just getting in the spirit of fall and now it is almost gone.  I never should have blinked.

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1 Tammy November 2, 2012 at 9:20 am

While I was born and raised in L.A., I lived in Colorado for over 13 years. I loved it then and I miss it now. What I don’t miss is the 6 months of brown and dead foliage everywhere. After a while, it would depress even Pollyanna. I’m back in my home town in California and do appreciate the greenery, the flowers, the birds and the warmth year round. Still….there is nothing like the feel of fall on your face and in your bones. I won’t be feeling it anytime soon, but yes, I do miss it … even now.

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