It’s Time to Politicize Caregiving

by Nancy Wurtzel on March 23, 2016

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No matter which way you lean politically, you can and must let your voice be heard on the intertwined topics of Alzheimer’s disease and caregiving.

It is absolutely vital our representatives in Congress as well as the current roster of those running for president know the importance of caregiving and the incredible financial and personal toll it takes on families.

It’s Time to Politicize Caregiving

Why must caregiving become a “hot button” political issue?  Because the statistics and projections are staggering.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over five million people are currently living with Alzheimer’s in the U.S.   By the year 2050, this number is projected to rise to 14 million, a nearly three-fold increase.  The cost to care for all of these individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease?  Within just 25 years, the price tag could be as high as $500 billion annually.

caregiver-caregivers-Alzheimer's-dementia-memory loss-aging,-caregivingHow can we make a political issue?  There is still time to act, but the window is closing so it must happen soon.  Big change doesn’t happen magically on its own, so we have to make it happen.

With this in mind, I started to do some research on the topic.  Often, I identify an excellent story and then quote from it, including a link to the full article.  This time, however, I found an excellent, comprehensive article on this very topic and I’d like you to go there right now to read it.  Written by Dave Singleton, the Caring.com article “Caregiving — It’s Political” is excellent and covers all of the vital issues.  I can’t say it any better.

Take Action, Make a Difference

Please visit the link to read Dave Singleton’s article and learn how you can make a difference.  Then take some political action.  It’s time we politicized caregiving. Remember, big change never just magically happens…we have to apply pressure and make it happen.

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