Fraying at the Edges: N.R. Kleinfield Excels Again

by Nancy Wurtzel on May 11, 2016

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Fraying at the Edges: First-Hand Alzheimer’s Story

If you have ever wondered what Alzheimer’s disease feels like in the early stages, look no further than N.R. Kleinfield’s lengthy feature in the New York Times, “Fraying at the Edges,” about Geri Taylor.

Geri’s story begins in 2012 when she first began noticing memory issues.  The feature follows Geri over several years.  First, through mild cognitive impairment, and eventually into present day and the moderate stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

“Fraying at the Edges,” is a must-read.  A maddening beauty of a feature story.  You will not be able to turn away.

Alzheimer’s Journey Up Close

I’d describe the feature as an unvarnished story of contradictions.

Alzheimer's-memory loss-dementia-cognitionOn the one hand, Geri’s life is sad.  Alzheimer’s is causing her brain to go through loss after loss and she is fading with each new chapter.  I can’t think or write about it without wanting to scream.  Yet, Geri — and her husband — deal with her new reality with dignity and courage.  Determined to share their personal experiences, the couple sheds a sliver of light into the darkness of the disease.

Thank you to N.R. Kleinfield for devoting several years to this feature.  It’s an incredible window into the mind of someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

You may also recall that I wrote about another long-form journalism feature penned by Kleinfield. You can click on this link to read, “The Lonely Death of George Bell.”

Also, thank you to the New York Times for publishing “Fraying at the Edges.”  In our fast-paced, bite-size, snapshot world it is great to read excellent long-form journalism that took years to report.  And, most of all, thank you to Geri Taylor, and her family, for sharing their Alzheimer’s journey.

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