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by Nancy Wurtzel

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Dating Dementia is the creation of Nancy Wurtzel, a blogger, public relations professional and creative writer.

Born during the baby boom years, Nancy grew up in a small farming town located in central Minnesota.  After college, she escaped to sunny Southern California to try something different.  The plan was to enjoy LA for a year or two and then return to the upper Midwest, yet life sometimes evolves in ways we never planned.

Flash forward 33 years: Nancy, newly divorced and still living in the Los Angeles area, moves back to her native Minnesota to help care for her aging mom who had Alzheimer’s disease. Mummy, as her family called her, died in late 2013 at age 92.

Surprising even herself, Nancy decided she was happy to be living in Minnesota once again.  She currently resides in Minneapolis with her adorable, but often naughty, dog Callie.

Speaking of adorable, Nancy has a daughter, Katie, who attends college in Boston and eventually wants to work in publishing.  Like her mother, Katie reads far too many books and always has an outstanding library fine.



Nancy Wurtzel blogs at Dating Dementia about midlife, empty nest, baby boomer, single, dating, death with dignity, end of life choices, caregiver and aging parent with Alzheimer’s disease dementia.



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