Dating Dementia Accolades & Bling

by Nancy Wurtzel

Dome of the mosque, oriental ornaments from Isfahan, Iran

Dating Dementia has been recognized internationally for its writing, humor, style and flair — as well as its sometimes questionable story lines.

In an alternative universe, Dating Dementia founder  Nancy Wurtzel was singled out by a panels of someone’s unknown peers for her twisted take on life when she was named 2010 Blog Goddess of the Year in the under 5 ft. 2 in., bleach blonde, chub category.

Some would say it was her crowning achievement.

Keeping with this theme, Nancy was thrilled to win the prestigious 2012 Lifetime Blogger Award bestowed by the Rural Minnesota Internet Co-op for “Outstanding Online Personality Who Left Sunny (and warm) Los Angeles After 33 Years to Reluctantly Move Back to Her Small Hometown With Just Three Stop Lights and Fewer Than 4,300 People.”

Unfortunately, that very long award name didn’t fit on the plaque, so instead it simply reads: “Nancy Done Good.”


In the real world, Dating Dementia was chosen for “Freshly Pressed” recognition by WordPress in 2010.

Nancy became a Huffington Post blogger in 2012 and she also blogs on, Vibrant Nation, The Alzheimer’s Reading Room and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  Part of the BlogHer Publishing family, Nancy has had numerous featured posts on in the Family, Career, Politics, Health and Life sections.

In 2012, The Liebster Blog Award was bestowed on Dating Dementia by My Life in Contradictions, as was The Versatile Blogger award, kindly presented by The Midlife Second Wife.  Nancy also was awarded an honorable mention for a post she submitted to Honestly, is there anything better than a little badge bling?

Nancy was nominated as one of Los Angeles’ Most Valuable Bloggers for 2011 by CBS Television.  Despite months of shameful promotion on her part, Nancy lost out to a Hollywood mommy blogger who specializes in sipper cup giveaways.


In 2013, Nancy was asked to join the Verizon Voices Boomers program. This was Nancy’s first venture working with a national brand and she was beyond excited. It was also great, because Nancy has been a Verizon user since the birth of the car phone.

Yes, you read that correctly, the car phone.

Some bling images are below, which means at least some of this must be true.  You can also use this handy link to subscribe to Dating Dementia on Amazon’s Kindle.





Nancy Wurtzel blogs at Dating Dementia about midlife, empty nest, baby boomer, single, dating, death with dignity, end of life choices and caring for an aging parent with Alzheimer’s disease dementia.
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