When you live in the upper Midwest you get fixated on the weather.  The sun didn’t come out for a week and I was getting seriously  down.  I ruminated about the sun a lot — like an old friend who had gone on an extended vacation and was sorely missed.  It wasn’t only me, however, […]

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Last week I bought a blu-ray DVD player at Walmart so I can view movies and get hooked into Netflix.  I’ve been trying ever since to get it connected.  I’m doing something wrong (of course) and it just won’t play.  I really need that Friend With Benefits that I’ve written about before. Out of desperation, […]

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When I wrote the post yesterday about shopping at Walmart and buying American-made products, I didn’t know that ABC News has been airing quite a few segments on this very subject. In fact, World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer had a three-part piece that ran back in March which profiled the Usry family in Dallas.  […]

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I’ve done the math.  It’s now day 23 — and counting — since all the decorations and lights were taken off my artificial Christmas tree. Those who read my blog will know that I was just too tired New Year’s weekend to take the tree apart, box her up and store her away in the […]

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Not me, silly.  I’m referring to my artificial Christmas tree.  If you didn’t read my recent blogging about my lovely green goddess of a tree, then take a look at my January 17th post: “I Think That I Shall Never See….” This year while taking down my Christmas decorations, I completely ran out of steam […]

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