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Hubby.  It’s an awful word, and not just because I don’t have one.  I don’t want one.  Really.  I DO NOT WANT A HUBBY.  A new and improved husband, perhaps, but a hubby?  Never. My dislike of this slang word for a male spouse runs so deep that it is the sole subject of my […]

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Summer is here in central Minnesota.  My sister and her husband have returned from their winter home in Florida and we are all living (albeit a bit snugly) in The Little House on the Prairie. My sister loves yard work, so I have been helping her weed, lay down mulch, clean out dead branches and […]

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It seems as though I’m always late to the party.  In September 2010, I launched Dating Dementia when there were already close to 150 million blogs in existence.  Now, just as I begin to hit my stride, I learn blogs have probably had their day in the sun and now are on the way out. […]

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A year ago, I became a somewhat reluctant Twitter convert. Launched in 2006, Twitter already had 300 million users when I joined. Was I simply too late to the party? I’d long been a Facebook fan. Yet, after spending close to a year on Twitter, I now view Facebook as a family reunion, while Twitter […]

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The feedback on my recent post about dementia, What Makes Me Angry? Dementia., was truly heartwarming.  Quite a few of my friends called and emailed, while others posted on my Facebook page or retweeted the story to their followers.  Thanks to LinkedIn and a few other social media sites, hundreds of new readers visited Dating […]

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Occasionally, I write a Friday post about spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing, weird words, funny words, words that drive me crazy and more.  I call these posts Vocabulario Viernes — mainly because it just sounds so great in a romance language. Today’s Vocabulary Friday is a post about writting. Yes, you read that correctly. About a […]

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