starting over

Divorce brings up all sorts of emotions, and sometimes people find themselves acting  a little crazy.  Those who have ended marriages have their own personal divorce story — some are sad, some are scary and some are just plain funny. My somewhat twisted divorce tale starts when I had been separated for about a year. […]

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Life in my small Minnesota town is markedly different than living in sprawling Los Angeles.  I’ve taken to keeping a journal handy so I can write down some of my experiences that I find amusing, irritating or sometimes just plain startling. Sadly, I’m probably the only one here who thinks these happenings are unusual — […]

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Like everyone, sometimes I get discouraged and I question life.  How am I contributing?  What happened to my big dreams? Will I ever find a love-partner? What can I do to add more excitement and meaning to my life?  On a particularly low day, I might even think: Is this all there is? But then […]

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I’m leaving on a jet plane.  Well, not exactly. I’m actually leaving next week in my white Camry hybrid and heading back to Minnesota, to the little town where I was born and raised. To give you some perspective, I’m leaving Los Angeles — a city of, well, everything — and returning to my hometown […]

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My Dating Dementia posts of the past few days have really hit a chord with my friends and readers.  Many called and emailed leaving messages of ‘atta girl’ and ‘you showed him, baby!’ and “next time bring champagne!” Yesterday, I believed my little escapade of bathing in my ex-husband’s bathtub (without his knowledge or consent) […]

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