Post image for FaceTime Dinner With My Canadian Friend Paula is Always Cool & Groovy

I have a friend who lives in Canada.  Paula and I met years ago at a writer’s conference and became good friends, sharing a love of words, travel and adventure. Mainly, Paula and I keep in touch by email and Facebook.  However, last year, we started connecting every month or so using FaceTime, which allows […]

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It is that time of year again.  Almost daily, I receive an invitation or update in my inbox about upcoming blogging conferences.  Since I started blogging three years ago, I’ve attended my share of blog events, from small gatherings with only a handful of attendees to huge conferences with thousands of bloggers from far-flung locations. […]

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Post image for Vocabulario Veirnes Takes a Stand on the Oxford Comma Conundrum

Some grammarians love it, while many others believe it is superfluous, outmoded and should be relegated to the last century. France, Italy, Russia, Australia and Spain don’t use it.  Neither does Norway.  We are bitterly divided on its use in the United States. Educators, writers and editors bicker about it endlessly, but never reach a […]

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Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Boomer Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. If someone would have told me five or six years ago I would be addicted to a social media platform named Twitter, I […]

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Whenever I’m feeling a bit down, I know my spirits will be lifted considerably by visiting the comments section of my blog. No, not the sane, thoughtful comments that are visible to you, the reader.  While your insightful, mainstream offerings are very much appreciated — please do keep them coming — today I am referencing […]

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It seems as though I’m always late to the party.  In September 2010, I launched Dating Dementia when there were already close to 150 million blogs in existence.  Now, just as I begin to hit my stride, I learn blogs have probably had their day in the sun and now are on the way out. […]

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We all have our little list.  The list of words we don’t like to write, read, speak or even think about.  This Vocabulario Viernes (Vocabulary Friday) post is about that little list. Actually, my list of icky words is fairly long and coincidentally it starts with icky.  Icky.  It’s one of those words that just […]

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It’s always nice to be rewarded, isn’t it?  No matter how old one gets, being singled out for an accomplishment or good work is just great for the ego.  I’ve not won any massively impressive awards for my blogging, but I do have a little bling and some honorable mentions for my efforts. You can […]

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Occasionally, I write a Friday post about spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing, weird words, funny words, words that drive me crazy and more.  I call these posts Vocabulario Viernes — mainly because it just sounds so great in a romance language. Today’s Vocabulary Friday is a post about writting. Yes, you read that correctly. About a […]

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Today is the start of a new Dating Dementia tradition: Vocabulario Viernes. Vocabulario Viernes, which means Vocabulary Friday in Spanish, is best said with a bad accent and a great deal of enthusiasm.  You can add in some hand waving should you be so inclined.  I can’t speak Spanish, but my lovely daughter had three […]

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